Risperdal Recall

Facts About Risperdal Recall and Lawsuit

Risperdal RecallWhen substandard drugs find their way to the market, they could have very harmful side effects to the consumers. Sometimes even very high quality drugs prescribed wrongly could have very bad effects. It is important to note that all drugs are actually poisonous if used wrongly. Companies that manufacture and market as well as the authorized regulatory bodies are required to closely monitor the market in case of any complaints from consumers.

As a routine practice, in case there are complaints with any drug in the market, the manufacturing company is required and allowed to call back the drug for further research and analysis. The regulatory bodies can also authorize the company to recall the drug. The Risperdal recall by the manufacturing company was as a result of numerous complaints and Risperdal lawsuits filed against the Johnson & Johnson which owns the Janssen Pharmaceuticals that manufactured the Risperdal drug.

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Reasons for risperdal recall

In September 2013, the company spokesman announced the voluntary recalling of the drug, an action that he said was a result of discovering mold during its routine testing process. This was just one of a string of recalls regarding the same drug in a span of two years. The company announced its recall from all the wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and healthcare centers. However, it is believed that Johnson & Johnson did not recall the drug voluntarily as announced. The Risperdal recall is believed to have been caused by the numerous complains from consumers as well the increasing number of litigations filed against the company regarding the same. The warning issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration regarding use of risperdal is also believed to have greatly contributed to the recall. The recall process is a very expensive affair to the manufacturer and in most of the cases it cannot be done voluntarily.

Risks of Risperdal

Johnson & Johnson has continued to insist that the drug manifests low risks to consumers especially when it is administered by health care professionals. However, this statement does not seem to agree with the increasing Risperdal lawsuits that are being filed against the manufacturer. It is important that the company recalls all the Risperdal drugs in the market and carries out proper research before marketing it again.

They must also abide by the principle of information disclosure as this would be a defense against any litigation. Risperdal recall may be expensive to Johnson & Johnson, but this cost is nothing compared to the effects that this drug would have on the name of company if it continues to circulate in the market in the current status. It is important to note that manufacturer’s failing to meet the required standards as well as disclose all the relevant information can end up losing their manufacturing license; therefore, quality must be taken seriously especially in the health sector.


Drug manufacturing companies should not wait for lawsuits to come up before they can recall a drug which they suspect could be faulty as this would be cheaper and more convenient. They can also argue in a court of law that they have realized their mistake and are correcting it. If you or your loved one is a victim of Risperdal side effects, you may be eligible for financial compensation. To know if you qualify, call us today or fill the form above for a free case review